We remember our classmates who have departed this life and have been gathered into the glorious arms of our Father in Heaven

Roberta Bowman Simmons
3/16/43 - 4/27/69
Biography submitted by her widower, May 2011
After graduating from Lutheran High School Central in 1961, Bobbi graduated from St. Paul’s College in Concordia, MO, in 1963, with an associate arts degree in elementary education.  She taught for one year at Messiah Lutheran School in Independence, MO, followed by three years at Salem Lutheran School in Blackjack, MO (a suburb of St. Louis).  She married Arthur G. Simmons, a Sem student, on June 25, 1966, and took a one year leave of absence from Salem to accompany Art on his vicarage year from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.  She returned to teach one more year at Salem while Art finished his seminary education.  Bobbi was killed in a tragic traffic accident while returning from church on Sunday, April 27, 1969,  shortly before she and Art were to receive their first call into ministry from Concordia Seminary.

Dennis Brauer
June 3, 1943 - March 22, 2012
Biography submitted by his widow and his obituary

Dennis attended Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly University of Missouri at Rolla and Missouri School of Mines) and graduated with a BS degree in Metallurgical Engineering.  He joined Olin Brass in 1965 and held a number of positions in the casting plant and the brass mill. In 1979 Dennis became metallurgical manager of The Miller Company in Meriden Connecticut. In 1985 Dennis rejoined Olin Brass as Technical Director. Certified as a Quality Engineer, Quality Manager, and Quality Auditor by the American Society of Quality, he became VP of Quality and Product Development and developed several new processes and products and received a number of patents. Notably, this included the development of a new alloy for the Golden Dollar coin. He retired from Olin in 2002.  In 2000 Dennis was given the 16th Golick award by Missouri University of Science and Technology. In 2001 Dennis was awarded an honorary degree by the same school.  Dennis and his dear wife, Karen, moved to Tucson in 2006.  They attended the 50th Reunion, but he was already fighting cancer.  In early March, 2012, his condition was compromised by a severe staph infection and his condition deteriorated quickly.   He entered hospice on Monday, March 19, and passed on Thursday, March 22.  He was lovingly attended by his wife, Karen, and their beloved golden retriever, Buddy, a rescue dog.

Samuel Brightwell VI
2/17/43 - 10/29/88
Biography submitted by his son and widow, June 2011
After high school, “Ben” became known as “Sam” when he attended college.  Upon completing two years at the University of Missouri, he joined the United States Army, and served from 1963-1970.  Adept at languages, Sam studied Mandarin Chinese and served in Okinawa.  Later, he studied Vietnamese and served as a language specialist during his eighteen months in Vietnam, where he conducted interrogations.  After his honorable discharge, he moved to Seattle and completed his undergraduate degree from the University of Washington.  It was there he married his wife, Bonnie C. (Mead) Brightwell on June 9, 1972.  Sam continued his studies and obtained his Master’s Degree in Chinese Language and Literature from the University of Washington in 1977.  Sam and Bonnie settled in Bothell, Washington. Sam worked in sales for United Airlines and the Aid Association for Lutherans (now Thrivent Financial).  They had two children, Samuel Benton Brightwell VII, born 1976, and Lauren Claire (Brightwell) Russell, born 1980.  The family attended Epiphany Lutheran Church in Kenmore, Washington.  Sam was a beloved husband and devoted father, and well-liked by all who knew him personally and professionally.  His faith and relationship with God remained a central part of his life until he succumbed to cancer (lymphoma) in 1988 at the age of 45.

Roger Chocholousek
5/6/43 - 10/26/89
Biography submitted by his first wife, June 2011

Roger joined the Air Force directly from high school and in October, 1964, he married Pam Bucher, who was a year behind us at Lutheran High School Central.  They moved to Anchorage, Alaska, where Roger was stationed until November 1967, when they returned to St. Louis and had their daughter, Teri Lyn, in February 1968.  Roger began working for Goodyear Tire Company until 1971.  At that point, he and Pam were divorced and went their separate ways.   Some time later, Roger married Lindsay, and together they formed Fisher Micrographics, a web company which did microfilming and other projects. A long-time smoker, Roger developed lung cancer in the mid 1980s, which slowly metastisized to his brain, necessitating 2 brain surgeries, which were unable to stop the disease.

Brian Dietrich
2/15/43 - 4/24/08
Biography submitted by his widow, June, 2011

While in High School Brian met his future wife, Ruth Kieffer,  in Chuck Hoger’s Biology class.  She was two years younger. They dated a little while in high school and  after Brian was at Seward for two years, and when Ruth was graduating from LHSC, he went back to high school to pick her up. They were married August 1, 1965, and headed off on August 3, to take the call he received upon graduation to serve as  a principal and teacher in Tampa, FL. They also produced three children in Tampa:  Indentical twins: Trevor and Joel,  and daughter Heidi.  In 1975, they moved to Hollywood, FL, where for  6 years, Brian was principal of St. Mark’s Lutheran School.   In 1981, they moved to Simi Valley, CA,  where Brian was principal of Good Shepherd Lutheran School,  one of the few  3-synod “Association” schools.  All three of their children are serving as administrators in education:  Trevor, public school principal, Joel, DCE, and Heidi, Lutheran School principal.   Brian was diagnosed in 1998 with Hodgkins Lymphoma and retired in 2005.
Steven Eifert
12/14/43 - 6/16/04
Biography submitted by his widow , June 2011

Steve attended Valparaiso University, was a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, played varsity football and was the heavyweight Intramural Wrestling Champion for four years. He had a great love of the game whether it was basketball, football, wrestling or golf and always played better if he had a wager on it.  After college, he played semi-pro basketball and football for the Rockford (IL) Rams while he was teaching high school and managing a golf shop and public golf course. He served in the Missouri National Guard for six years. In 1975 Steve joined Global Services and eventually became the owner.  His business creativity and vision has made Global Services what it is today.  He has generously given back to the community over the years and inspired people in all areas of his life to do their best, live with integrity, and excel. He said his life began when he married Mary and acquired his two daughters, Kari and Amy, who were 2 and 4 when he came into their lives. His son Walker, who is now with the Army in Afganistan, was the icing on the cake.  Steve was a man of integrity, honesty, generosity, character and friendship as well as a loving husband, father and friend. He will be sorely missed not only by family and friends but by his employees that he fondly called his extended family.  He passed during surgery to repair a descending aortic aneurysm.


Susan Graeser Manion
September 8, 1943 - February 28, 2015

Biography submitted by her husband and her obituary

Sue and Jim Manion were married for 49 years.  She devoted her life to being a wife and mother of their three children:  Laura, Mark, and Amy, and grandmother to their nine grandchildren.  Later years were spent enjoying their family, who were all close by.   In mid-November, Sue was diagnosed with brain cancer.  She underwent radiation treatments, and developed an infection which led to her passing.  According to Jim, they didn't tell many people about the diagnosis because Sue didn't want to be "bragging" about Cancer.  
John Hoover
8/17/43 - 6/5/06
Biography submitted by his sister, June 2011

John Hoover was a very focussed person.  He won the state championship for bookkeeping in his junior year at LHSC.  After he left Lutheran High School, he took a number of smaller jobs while he took classes in data processing.   After graduating from these classes, John went to work for the Government Records Center doing data processing and then computer work for 26 years.  He retired on disability in 1989 because of severe arthritis.   He never married, but continued to live at home and take care of his aging parents until they passed. His mother died in 2000, after being bedridden for nine years.   He continued his favorite sport, bowling, in which he had won many trophies, as long as he was physically able. He also was an avid movie-goer.  After his parents passed, John moved into an apartment in Florissant which was designed for disabled people.   He lived there until he was found dead on June 5, 2006, from a heart attack.   He was last seen on May 31, so day of death isn’t certain.  John had two sisters:  Nancy, who graduated from LHSC in 1963, and Karen who graduated from Lutheran High North in 1974.  Karen passed  in 1991 from aggressive breast cancer.

Ronald Landvatter
8/18/43 - 8/6/11
Biography submitted by his widow, August 12, 2011

Ronald Landvatter loved the farm, especially his “multitudes” of cattle, which was his main hobby.   As soon as he graduated from high school, he started working for his father’s concrete business:  Landvatter’s Ready-Mix.  He worked there for almost fifty years, as he was planning to retire on August 18, his 67th birthday.   When his father died, Ron and his brother Roger took over the family business which is continued today by Roger,  Ron’s son, David, and Roger’s daughter, Melissa. In 1964, Ron met Toni on a blind date.   It worked, and they were married on December 2, 1967.   Their family was soon complete with the arrival of David.  They settled on the family farm and have been there ever since.   They all love the farm and the life of farming and cattle-raising.  Toni reports that his passing was very peaceful and she is doing well.

Suzanne Laneman Waldvogel
1/18/44 - 2/19/13
Biography from earlier website submission
After she graduated from LHSC, Suzanne began a tenure of 47 years, working at a company which was originally R.C. Can Company.  During that time, in 1967, she married Carl Waldvogel and they had a blessed and happy life together, which included two children:  Christopher and Carrie.   They attended Immanuel Lutheran Church in St. Charles, MO, where Suzanne was active singing in the choir and starting a new hospitality committee.   She passed from pancreatic cancer after a courageous struggle of several years duration.

Gene Littge
11/11/43 - 8/19/03

Biography submitted by his daughter in June, 2011

Gene left high school and went directly into the Air Force, serving in Spain for a while.  When he came back, he went to college, became an accountant, and in 1972, settled in Kansas City.  In the early 80s, he started his own business, Tax Masters, in Kansas City, while living in Peculiar, MO.  He was married,  had a son, Erik, and a daughter, Dawn, who produced five grandchildren.  He was divorced after twenty years.  Gene especially liked airplanes, nature, and animals and he was an active member of The Aceer Foundation, which works to help the rainforests.   He traveled a lot, especially in South America, where he went to Peru and Macchu Picchu.  He swam in the Amazon River and was chased by wildlife.  He passed suddenly from an apparent heart attack, while suffering with high blood pressure and diabetes.

Angela Piepkorn Van Goidsenhoven
4/30/44 - 6/25/82
Biography submitted by her sisters, June 2011

After graduating from Lutheran High, Angie went on to earn a BA in Nursing from Valparaiso University in 1966, and began a successful career as an intensive care nurse at St. Mary's Hospital in Clayton, MO.  Her natural concern and empathy for her patients made her a favorite with them and with their families.  She married a Belgian gastroenterologist, Dr. Guy van Goidsenhoven in 1977 and continued in her own career.  She was very industrious and worked very hard.  Early in 1982 she developed a peptic ulcer.  She died soon after from a perforated peptic ulcer. 

Extra note from Felicity, her sister: “I didn't mention how she loved leopard print and the color orange, nor how she called all the nieces and nephews by nonsense nicknames, nor her long fingernails frequently decorated with painted flowers.  I didn't mention that she remained slim and looked spectacular in her clothes.  I didn't mention that she was the smartest of the four Piepkorn sisters.  And I did not mention how much we all loved her and miss her still today!”

James Poole
4/28/43 - 10/22/10
Biography submitted by classmate June 2011

After graduating from LHSC, Jim continued his education at Washington University, studying Civil Engineering.  He joined the Army National Guard Corps of Engineers and retired as a Lt. Colonel after many years of dedicated service.  Jim loved the land and the sea, and he spent many happy hours on his boat on Kentucky Lake.   He married Barbara Diane Cheak and was divorced after 24 years.  They had two children:  Kristin Diane and Stephen James, and 11 grandchildren.   He was willing to do service for his friends and neighbors, and was devoted to the care of his mother in her advancing years.  His sudden death was caused by a heart attack.
Ronald Rutledge
6/16/43  - 3/1/07
Biography submitted by his widow, June 2011

After high school, Ron married Patricia Snyder on 4/25/64 at Salem Lutheran Church in Blackjack, MO.  He became President of the choir at Salem and sang in the choir there for 25 years.  He and Pat had a son, Ronald Alvie, Jr, and two daughters, Kimberly Ruth, and Kristine Grace.  Ron loved the outdoors and was an avid hunter and fisherman, and he loved to share time with his friends and family.  After working for Boatleveler Manufacturing Co for 25 years, he was layed off and switched jobs to working for a lawnmower company for the last 16 years, where he made many friends and helped many people.  At the age of 20, he lost his sight in his right eye and he was afflicted with a hereditary disease which affected his veins, causing blood clots in his legs while he was still in his 30s. When he was almost 64, he suffered a heart attack, caused by a blood clot behind his heart.  While he was in the hospital, it was determined that he had advanced colon cancer, and he passed quickly after just nine days in the hospital.
Eileen Simms Redeker
12/1/43 - 10/2/07
Biography submitted by classmates and family, June 2011

Eileen Simms married soon after graduating from LHSC to Luther (Luke) Redeker and they moved to Centralia, IL.   The couple had two children:  David and Lisa.   In 1991 Eileen was divorced and struck out on her own.  She went to college and got her bachelor’s degree in Social Work and commuted to work every day from Carlyle, IL to Effingham, IL.  In 2007, she had a fall and hurt her knee.  Without her knowledge, the injury developed a blood clot and when she was lying on the sofa, alone at home, the clot ended her life.   Her son stopped by later and discovered her body.
Patricia Tashler Kunz
9/19/43 - 9/17/10
Biography submitted by a Classmate and Schrader Funeral Home, Sept 2010

Daughter of the late John and Melva (Brase) Tashler. Dear mother of Christopher and Jordan (Jennifer) Kunz; grandmother of Sydney Jo and Aubrey Louise Kunz; sister of Marilyn (Wilbur) Koehler, Jacqueline (the late Russell) Rogers, Lois (Raymond) Rose Kastrup, John Tashler, Jr. and Linda (Earl) Schirmer Tippett; sister-in-law of Ginny Tashler. Loving Auntie Pat and friend to many.  Pat graduated from Lutheran High Central and Washington University. A respected Broker/Salesperson at Waters & Associates Reality, she achieved additional professional certifications of ABR, CRS & GRI. Pat was a member of Business Professional Women and the local real estate board-ethics committee for years. She was a charter member of Forest Park Forever and contributed to the Municipal Opera. Pat had had carotid artery surgery and was medicated for heart related problems.   She had a dental procedure done and the next day her sister found her body when she stopped by to pick her up to go shopping.   Cause of death wasn’t completely certain, but it was believed to be related to the dental procedure and her heart problems.
Alice Tinnin Galyean
6/7/43 - 5/12/08
Biography submitted by family and friends, June 2011

Alice graduated from Southwest Missouri State University, in Springfield, Missouri, with a degree in Physical Education.  While she was there, she met and married Ron Galyean, a chemistry professor.  They moved to Texas, where Alice became a PE teacher, and had 3 children:  Ryan, Kaye and Emily.  In 1984 they moved to the Chicago area.   After a 20 year marriage, she and Ron separated, with Ron and their son moving  to the east coast , and Alice and the girls remaining in Palos Heights, IL.   Alice was very active in church groups, and volunteered for school districts, with a special interest in teaching children to read.  Her biggest dream (unfulfilled) was to open her home for spiritual retreats for women.  Alice spent much of the last few years of her life in Florida, with Bob Zeder, and after being diagnosed with Gallbladder cancer in July 2007, she married him in August, 2007.   She calmly accepted her fate and continued living as best she could until she succumbed to pancreatic cancer at home in Palos Heights in May 2008.

Robert George Ullrich


"My teachings are the resurrection and the life.  He who believes in my teachings will live even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in my teachings will never die."  John 11:25