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Bonnie Barclay (Mertis)
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Profile picture
August 09, 1943 bonnielb1@gmail.com Kirkwood, MO Sales, Marketing, Food, Cooking Married 2 Mrs. Schroer Scotland, Greece The school plays; basketball and football games; my father driving all the girls to the football games;
There are several times in my life that I have been passionate about my work.  God planned my life for me to take the long way around.  We stayed home a lot while raising my two wonderful sons.  Then I worked for a Department Store and did photography modeling, which turned  into a retail job when I was in my 30’s.   Our store was bought out by Dillard’s  and my boss transferred me from operations to restaurant management.  (My boss knew my love for cooking.) 

In the middle of all this change, Athan and I were married in 1978.  

In my 40’s, I found a new career in sales for a food company.  In my 50’s I wound up in a marketing position with Sysco Foods, which I truly loved.   I took early retirement and spent time with my best friend, my mom, caring for her in her final years.  I enjoy my 3 beautiful granddaughters (13, 10, 11) and my one athletic grandson (13), every chance i get.

We have vacationed many years in different locations and had many memoriable events. We have often gone to Martha’s Vineyard, Florida,  and lots of little places in MO: fishing swimming, hosebacking......usually with family.  We’ve had a great time.

My Dad has led me in many directions, only to train me  as a cook and to instill my love for cooking.  I did catering for hospital events when my mom was ill, and many other different jobs.   I’m currently hospitality director at Concordia Lutheran Church in Kirkwood, including clooking for the elderly when needed.

I also work for several brokers out of Chicago and New York, demonstrating their products at local shows.   I’ve had a very fun, fulfilling life, and I’m looking forward to the next decade, God willing....
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Susan Elaine Beckemeier (Clark)
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Profile picture
August 29, 1943 sebeckemeier@yahoo.com Denver CO US Grandmother (retired teacher) Divorced 7 Iris Guenther, Gilbert Daenzer Germany and surrounding countries, unless Maui is farther. Concerts with Mr Kirchoff.
After graduation I attended Mizzou, got a BA in math, married in 1965 and began teaching in the St. Louis Public Schools that same year. I quit in 1975, when I was expecting our fifth child. In 1978 we moved to Hastings, NE, where my husband took a job. Amazingly, my first cousin, Ruth Hageman Rehwaldt (LHSC '63) lived there, married to our new pastor, Carl Rehwaldt (LHSS '61). It was great to have family around ( God's love!) for the first of what was to be several moves. Hastings saw new rural experiences as well as the births of two more children. We moved to Denver in 1981, again for work, then to Western Springs, IL (Chicago) in 1989. I taught at my parish school, St. John's Lutheran, from 1995 to 2002. I moved back to Denver in 2004, single again, looking forward to being near my children and grandchildren. Only my youngest daughter still lives in the Chicago area.
My children:
Margaret, 44, UCD (communications); works for State of CO, four children.

Sharon, 42, Pepperdine U (political sci); building trades exec, three children.

Martin, 39, Duke U (economics), basketball clinic owner, two children.

Kathleen, 37, UIC (accounting) and UCD (educ), teaches 4th grade, one child

Anne, 36, DePaul U (finance) and Valpo (educ), teaches high school, one child.

Kristin, 33, NIU (history) works Labor Dept, CO, one stepchild

Allison, 30, College of St Benedict (fine arts), works in Chicago, one child.

My days are spent caring for Marshall (12 mos) and Heidi (3), plus their sister and brother in the summers. Six sons-in-law and one daughter-in-law complete our family. Athletic scholarships helped with most of those batchelor degrees and made for a busy life.

I am truly blessed and look forward to renewing old friendships--see you in St. Louis!
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Rex Becker
Profile picture
Profile picture
November 02, 1942 rexbecker5706@msn.com Fairfax Station VA Social Worker - Retired Married 2 Mr. Lee Korea Memorable Moment #1 - Special thanks to Ted Huning for bringing back memories of Mr. Ralph Lee. I do remember Ted "challenging" me for the first chair of the Trombone section. We got behind the curtain in the auditorium and played for a group of fellow band member judges, who then voted as to who was the best. After that I was second trombone. I'm not sure who were all the judges, but one of them was Brian Dietrich, a very good trumpet player, and one of the nicest guys I knew.
Memorable Moment #2 - When I was going into my Senior year, I realized I didn't have a "Practical Art" subject required for graduation. Since I was already signed up for Band and Journalism and couldn't move my schedule much, I ended up in Mr. Visser's Woodworking class. I was sure I would hate the class. But, when it came time for my major project, my mother gave me an old needle point piece of fabric that my grandmother had made years ago and asked me to make a footstool for it to go on. Mr. Visser took the time to help me with the project, and I made a nice footstool. It stayed in my folks' home until my mother died and we broke up the house. Now it's in my home. You can see a picture of it on the "Photo Albums" page under "Memories". It may be the one LHSC project of which I am the most proud. Thanks, Mr. Visser!
After high school graduation I went to Wabash College, a small liberal Arts college in Indiana. My Dad found it for me. It was an all men’s college and was a little to the right of Attila the Hun in political philosophy. In four years I got my Artium Baccalaurei degree with a J.P. designation. 
Viet Nam was beginning to heat up, so, as an alternative, I went to Oberlin College for some graduate work. It’s a coed school and was a little to the left of Karl Marx in political philosophy. There I met my wife Ruth, who had recently graduated from the Oberlin Conservatory in Organ performance. We were married in 1967. During the time I was at Oberlin, I also worked in the Juvenile Court as a probation officer. I then came back to St. Louis University and got my MSW degree in 1970, worked for about 5 years in the St. Louis foster care program, and then got a position with the Army as a social worker. 
I worked at Ft. Leavenworth for several years, and then went to work in Germany for 16 years. I worked at Army bases in Bremerhaven, Mannheim, Kaiserslautern, and Heidelberg. I did a variety of jobs, but worked mostly in Alcohol & Drug treatment, spouse abuse, and relocation services. Ruth worked for the Army chaplaincy as an organist and choir director. This whole experience was fantastic. We got involved in local traditions, fests, parties, hiking, and really experiencing German life. This experience was the greatest adventure of my life! We have two children – Beth who is married and teaches in the Fairfax County schools, and Bob, also married and works in Almhult, Sweden for IKEA. We have one grandchild.
In 1994 we returned to the States and I worked at the Army headquarters in Washington. Ruth continued her church jobs at a variety of churches in the DC area. 
Shortly after our return we discovered Chautauqua Institution in New York. We have gone there every summer, and since her retirement in 2006 Ruth spends the entire summer at Chautauqua. I go as much as possible. Chautauqua is a marvelous place. There are concerts, plays, dance performances, and lectures from well respected leaders in the country. The experiences at Chautauqua have been the greatest experience of my life!  
In the late 90’s I read Undaunted Courage, a book about the Lewis and Clark Journey, and in 2002 I discovered the Discovery Expedition of St. Charles, a group of folks planning on reenacting the entire journey on the 200th anniversary. I also had the opportunity to retire, which I did and joined up with the re-enactors. We started down the Ohio River from Pittsburgh on August 31, 2003 and got to Wood River, Il (Camp DuBois) on December 12th. Like the original group we stayed there over the winter. Most of us went home. Then in May 2004 we started up the Missouri River and in November arrived at Ft. Mandan. And, so it went: traveling in the summer, camping in the winter, all the way to the Pacific Ocean, and back to St. Louis in September, 2006. We stayed in replica tents, traveled on replica boats, and wore period clothes the whole time. Ruth came out several times to be with me. When we arrived at a campsite, usually at a park in a small river town, the town’s people would come into camp while we explained the uniforms, the weapons, hunting, medicine, cooking, etc. On several occasions we had over 1000 school students come through camp in a day. This is the greatest adventure of my life!

In 2010 I went with my son on a 100km hike along the border of Sweden and Norway.  We stayed in camping huts for 6 nights.  Saw reindeer and moose.  While they are called "huts", in reality they provide beds, meals, and lots of beer.  This was the greatest adventure of my life!
Since then things have settled down a bit. But, we keep busy with traveling, (Sweden, Myrtle Beach, Sedona, Chautauqua). I work as a volunteer docent at a local railroad museum in Fairfax, and usher at George Mason University Center of the Arts. I’ve put some more photos on the “Photo Albums” page.
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Phyllis Bergsieker (Boernke)
Profile picture
Profile picture
February 21, 1943 paboernke@yahoo.com Deming WA US retired Divorced 2 Mr. Kirchoff, Choir and Mr. Hogar, Biology Alaska, nearly all the states, Mexico Loved our end of the year school picnics, and camping in our senior year. Christmas concerts and talent shows.
 After LHSC graduation, I attended St. Paul's (Jr.) College in Concordia, MO then graduated from Concordia College, River Fprest, IL in 1965.  I met my first husband, Rich Boernke, in 1961 at St. Paul's, we married in 1966, a year after college graduation and a year of work and graduate school. I taught that first year at Atonement Lutheran in Florissant, Mo. and then spent a few years moving, substitute teaching, assisting with children's choir and after school classes until our second daughter was born. Rich enlisted in the Air Force in 1966, trained as an air traffic controller; our first assignment was Rapid City, SD, a place we dearly loved.  Our first daughter, Chris, was born in Washington, DC, in 1968, baptized by Carl Sachtleben, who had been Rich's roommate at St. Paul's.  Carl's wife Ann was my roommate. Sweet!
Rich was tutored to become an Arabic interpreter and was sent to Tripoli, Libya in 1969.  After Ghidaffi's takeover, we left Air Force life in 1970 and headed back west.  Melissa was born in Iowa in 1972.  We moved back permanently to Rapid City in 1973, bought some land, built a log house, and raised our daughters.  I went back to part time teaching in 1978 and then on to full time work in youth and family serving non-profit organizations in 1983. Rich and I divorced in 1987 and remain best of friends today.  
I worked as Western SD Regional Director of Drug and Alcohol Prevention Resources from 1983-1986, was Associate Exec. Director of a large youth and family serving agency from 1986-1990.  I owned a retail art gallery and store for a couple of years. I learned about alternative healing work in the mid-1980's and certified in several modalities which are the foundation of my private practice work, all within the context of spiritual direction.  I retired in 2010 after 5 years as Executive Director of Center for Restorative Justice (vicitm-offender mediation and conflict resolution for schools and communities). Thought I would completely retire till a publisher found me and wants to publish my poetry - have a couple of books in the works.  In 2010 I moved to a 60 acre farm near Deming, Washington, just a mile down a country road from daughter Chris, her husband Chuck and my two grandchildren, Isabel (14) and Xander (7). My little cottage sits within shouting distance of the farm's owners plus 6 horses and 4 cats.  I'm 25 miles east of Puget Sound, 40 miles west of snow covered ski slopes, 20 miles south of Canada. The quiet is a perfect setting for writing, dreaming, and having picnics with grandkids! Melissa lives on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska with Jason and their malamute, Kenai. She comes to the lower 48 often to visit and we go there.  My health is great, I take long walks and play tourist with my 10 year old Australian Shepherd, Sophie.  Life could not be better!
Thanks to all for the great memories and updates; hope the reunion is the best!
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Linda Biel (Harper)
Profile picture
Profile picture
June 10, 1943 snow1965queen@gmail.com Monticello MN US Retired Married 4 Mr. Wallace Much of Europe The Christmas Concerts, the "Moor", basketball games at the Sem and in Chicago.Exploding test tube in Chemistry class.
After graduation, entered Lutheran Hospital School of Nursing and graduated in '64. Worked in the Operating Room until May of '65 when I moved to Minneapolis, Mn along with another classmate to join 5 other classmates. Workied at Methodist Hospital for 10 years and U of Minnesota Hospital.

Married George, a widower and father of 4 beautiful children. Hellped to raise the youngest 2 who were still at home. Now am blessed with 5 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild just born.

Lived in Wayzata, Mn. till '87 when George retired from 3M and moved to his home state of California where we lived till 2000.

Grandchildren being born and children mostly living in Mn. drew us back to live here.

Am very involved in the volunteer world, Evangelism Board, Food Shelf, Clothing Center, Civic Contributions commitee, Suburban Symphony board, etc....sort of a "professional volunteer" for the past 20+ years.

I became an amateur radio operator which opened a world of adventure. Spoke and met with many people from many countries, provided communications for the fire fighters.....what an experience....did emergency communications, bike race, contests and teaching....a great hobby!

I also wish to thank Diane for all the encouragement, hard work and tireless effort in pulling us all together.

May God hold you all in his hands for the journey to St. Louis and for the rest of your lives.
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Jackie Bodenschatz (Dexheimer)
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Profile picture
November 23, 1943 No email Hazelwood MO US RETIRED N/A Single Again 4 Mr. Dieckhoff Idaho-one way and Florida-the other way Senior Prom when I went stag and danced with everybody else's date! Fantastic!!!
After graduation, I studied Cosmotology, met my husband in 1963, got married to Richard Sr. and had four children.   Carol-May 5, 1964/Deceased-January 5, 1968; Cynthia-December 19, 1968; Jean-May 28, 1970; Richard Jr.-June 15, 1972/Deceased-December 5, 2007.

Cynthia works at St. John's Hospital housekeeping staff, Jean is a counselor for St. Louis Public School District;and Richard Jr was in the computer field when he passed. 

I was divorced in June of 1986 and worked several jobs to learn computer skills.  I started working at Citicorp Mortgage, Inc. as a temp in January, 1986; was hired permanent part-time in May, 1986; and finally hired permanent full-time in October, 1986.  I continued working there until July 7, 2005 when I retired.  Since then I have been totally retired and loving every minute of it!
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Carol Boesch (Tillman)
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Profile picture
October 30, 1943 caroltill06@comcast.net Bloomington IL US worked for an insurance company Divorced Paris, France; most states
After high school, I went to work at McDonnell Douglas for 4 years.   I married my high school sweetheart, Arthur Hebrink (not from LHSC).  He continued school in Rolla, while I worked at Fort Leonard Wood for another 4 years, at which point we divorced.

I then went to work for a couple of years at Whiteman Air Force base near Kansas City where I met and married Morris Tillman.  He got a job with State Farm insurance in Bloomington, IL, and we moved here in 1972.   We were divorced in 1980.  While in Bloomington, I worked for Country Insurance until September, 2010, at which time I retired.

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Cherie Bono
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March 10, 1943 noemail@noemail.com St. Louis MO US various positions in IT dept. at Mallinkrodt Inc. Single Rome, Italy
I went to early computer classes and learned data entry, then worked at First National Bank for the first two years, and Peabody Coal for the next two years, and then I joined Mallinkrodt and stayed there for 35 years.  I went to a lot of classes that increased my knowledge and skill with computers.

After I retired I wanted to do something.  So for the past 10 years, I have been working part-time for a transportation company for the elderly, doing computer work....

I also volunteer at the Alzheimer’s Association, with the Respite program to releave caregivers.  I got interested in this after my mother passed with Alzheimer’s.

I enjoy going to the theater and to restaurants with friends.  Travel is also a lot of fun:  I went to Europe, Rome, and Alaska, and many other places and I am going to Hawaii soon.  I have one brother, also in St. Louis, and we get together frequently.

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Diane Bramon (Willis)
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Profile picture
June 07, 1943 docflute@aol.com Wilmette IL US flutist; flute teacher; founder/facilitator of Chicago IANDS www.chicagoiands.org Widowed 3 Irmgard Koch Egypt I think one of the most memorable moments at LHSC was in the Hilton Hotel on Michigan Ave in Chicago when our basketball team played one of the Lutheran Chicago teams....we were all in a hotel room in the dark and someone was throwing up in the bathtub, etc....a wild time.

Then there were the endless chapel sessions, sitting next to Mr. Lee every morning and belting out the tenor parts (up an octave) to every hymn.

And I fondly remember playing Lilybelle Savage in The Curious Savage, the all-school play my junior year, with Len Koch and Russ Pummer as my brothers.
After graduation I attended Stephens College in Columbia, MO, for one year.  The following summer I transferred to Northwestern University in Evanston, IL , where I received my Bachelor of Music (flute) and Master of Music (flute) degrees.  My first graduate year was at the University of IL  in Champaign, IL.   in between the two degrees.

After graduation I taught 1st , 2nd and 3rd grades  (all at the same time) and 1st - 6th grade music at Bethlehem Lutheran School in Evanston, IL.  Then I married Wilfried Höltje, who I met at the Lutheran Student Center (Rev. Eugene Brueggemann)  on the NU campus.   He was from Hannover, W. Germany, had his PhD in Chemistry from Göttingen University, and was in this country on a post-doc research fellowship.   During the year at Bethlehem, we were married at the Lutheran Student Center on March 30, 1969, and in June we left for Germany for 5 months, where we visited with his family and toured around Europe, seeing as much as possible (Oslo to Vienna) before our money ran out.  

We returned directly to Wilmington, DE, (without a cent!) where he had a job at DuPont.  
We went back to Europe almost every year during our marriage.  We had two sons and I lived there ten years before we mutually agreed to separate and I  returned to the Chicago area with the boys. 

After a few years,  I married Thomas Willis, music critic of the Chicago Tribune for 20 years and professor of music at Northwestern University and we had a daughter.  Tom was also Director of Mayor Jane Byrne's Office of Special Events for a couple of years, and in that capacity we went to England for several weeks, checking out the Edinburgh Music Festival and other possible candidates for a Chicago Music Festival.  We also had time to extensively tour Wales and some of Scotland.  Tom was stricken with Alzheimer's about 1994 and passed away in 2004.

I have been a teacher of  private flute students for 47 years, teaching at different locations such as Sherwood Conservatory in Chicago and the Northwestern University prep department and a solo and chamber music musician for various events around town.   I was also active on the boards of the Chicago Flute Club and the National Flute Association.

In April, 1995, I had a near-death type of experience and I went through the tunnel and saw the white Light.   I was told that I was to help people lose their fear of death.  My life was completely changed.  I was very guided, and went to Egypt on 3 days notice and had other amazing experiences....and in May, 1998,  I was guided to start a large not-for-profit organization in Chicago:   Chicago IANDS  (International Asso for Near-Death Studies, www.chicagoiands.org), which has become the largest such group in the world.  

We have had regular monthly meetings at Frank Auditorium in Evanston Hospital, on the second Saturday of every month since then, inviting amazing and wonderful speakers.    Leading this organization now takes most of my time, but is very rewarding and I feel extremely blessed to do what I do.

Another after-effect of my experience is the ability to improvise music, which I couldn’t do before my experience.   I was guided to play Native American flute and I have a CD out, which is available to listen to at www.cdbaby.com/willisfish.  Everything is completely improvised, with no advance knowledge of what the music will be like.

My children are:

Christian Georg, 38 - degree in Computer Science from the College of Engineering at the U of IL in Champaign, IL.  Married to Robin, a vet nurse... they live in Pittsburgh.....no children.

Erik Andrew, 34 -  Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees (bassoon) from Juilliard School of Music in NY, NY.  Married to Claire, who teaches financial yoga...they live in Manhattan.....no children.

Claire Elizabeth, 28 - Bachelor’s Degree from Hampshire College, Amherst, MA. and graduate work at the U of AL in Tuscaloosa.  She is a potter.  Married to Jake Veness, who is a graphic designer...they live in Chicago....one son, Alexander, 2  yrs. old

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Dennis Brauer
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Profile picture
June 03, 1943 brauerdk@comcast.net Tucson AZ US Retired Married Gilbert Daenzer Singapore I remember playing Nikita Khrushchev at the Christmas assembly. I changed my appearance to look like Santa Claus but was caught and thrown off the stage.
After high school, I attended Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly University of Missouri at Rolla and Missouri School of Mines) and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Metallurgical Engineering in 1965. I am a member of Lambda Chi Alpha, a social fraternity, and Alpha Sigma Mu, an honorary metallurgical fraternity.
I joined Olin Brass in East Alton Illinois in 1965. In the early years I held a number of supervisory positions in engineering and manufacturing. In 1979 I left Olin and became the metallurgical manager of the Miller Company in Meriden Connecticut.
In 1985 I rejoined Olin Brass as Technical Director. I oversaw all process engineering, marketing engineering and quality assurance. I was on a team that developed Olin’s joint venture with Yamaha in Japan. I was certified as a Quality Engineer, Quality Manager, and Quality Auditor by the American Society of Quality. I was instrumental in achieving quality ratings for Olin Brass during the 1990’s (ISO and QS 9000).
In 1997 I was promoted to Vice President of Technology. I participated in the development of several new processes and products and hold a number of patents on them. Notably, this included the development of a gold colored alloy for the new dollar coin.  This material was used for the Sacagawea and Presidential dollar coins. The alloy was also used in the sculpture of Sacagawea (by Glenna Goodacre) now in the garden of Lewis and Clark Community Collage in Alton Illinois. I retired at the end of 2001 at the old age of 57.
In year 2000 I was awarded the 16th Golick award by Missouri University of Science and Technology. In 2001 I was awarded an honorary Professional Degree by the same school.
Karen and I have been happily married for forty years and do not have any children. We lived in Elsah Illinois, Killingworth Connecticut, and Brighton Illinois. While in Connecticut Karen worked for Yale and after we returned to Illinois she started her own small scale computer software business. We loved living in New England and made frequent visits to New York and Boston. When we moved back to Illinois we bought a home on 10 acres with a small lake. It was fun living there. We did a lot of gardening, planting, mowing and watching wildlife. We had a small tractor, mowing equipment, and a peddle boat.
We have been able to visit all 50 states and most of the big cities and National parks. We also saw most of the Canadian provinces and Mexico. We visited most of the prime cities and places in Europe—too many to name. We had an ambition to visit every famous Cathedral and ride every subway. We have not accomplished that yet but we are close.
In 2006 we moved fulltime to Tucson Arizona and we enjoy the desert life all around us. We live about a mile from the edge of Saguaro National Park. Tucson is fun small city; it has the University of Arizona and lots of good restaurants. We live with our beautiful Golden Retriever “Buddy” a rescue dog. He was found as a stray on the Mexican border--our own illegal alien. 
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