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Richard Sewell
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August 22, 1942 Grand Bend ON CA Artist Married 1

Richard Sewell
Richard attended several colleges and universities and graduated from the University of Missouri at Kansas City and then immigrated to Toronto, Canada, in 1968.  He has been active in the Canadian cultural landscape since that time as an exhibiting artist, artist collaborator (in dance, music, and performance), printer, publisher, arts administrator, and as a broad-based educator having taught with the Ontario College of Art and Design University, Toronto, Ontario; the Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, Alberta; the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon; and Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario.  With Sheridan, Richard taught in the Art and Art History Program, a joint program with the University of Toronto Mississauga, and in the Crafts and Design Program, and in the Arts Fundamental Program.  Richard, for periods of time, was also the Coordinator and Associate Dean for these programs.

In 1970, Richard co-founded Open Studio, an artist-run printmaking workshop, in Toronto, that is currently celebrating its 40th Anniversary.  In 1982, Richard joined the Art and Art History Program and worked with a generation of students in the areas of printmaking, drawing, painting, sculpture, and performance, teaching at all levels.

Richard has exhibited his own work in a variety of group and solo exhibitions across Canada, the United States, Europe, Korea, and Japan.  His current work is called where geoplasticimage gpi and is a body of dimensional work and theory that considers the entwined emotional nature of location, experience, and culture.

Richard is married to Karen Bowes Sewell, and has a son name Cleo.  He currently lives in Grand Bend, Ontario, where he pursues his visual investigations, maintains a wall comprised of local flora and fauna, and simultaneously appears on another wall comprised of colourful photographs of Sheridan College Professors Emeritus.

Richard Sewell
8375 Goosemarsh Line, RR2
Grand Bend, Ontario


where geoplasticimage gpi

Sheridan College
1430 Trafalgar Road
Oakville, L6H 2L1



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Fred Snider
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September 08, 1943 Santa Clara, CA electronics; electronic distribution; own bookkeeping business Married 3 Mr. Kirchhoff Hawaii, Switzerland, Germany & Italy The Parkmoor, basketball games

After graduation, my family moved to San Jose, California, to follow the economic boom.  Across the street from our home lived an attractive girl from Berkeley, MO.  You guessed it!  We were married in 1963  and will celebrate our 48th anniversary in October.  We claimed that it must have been a "God Thing" as we didn't know each other before moving to CA.  We have 3 children - Debbie, Chris and Rick who have blessed us with 4 beautiful granddaughters - Lindsay, Mary, Ashley and Alyssa.

All of our children live locally and we attend Mt. Olive Lutheran Church in Milpitas.  I've stayed actively involved with ushering, Life Groups, and serving on the Board of Directors, where I'm currently treasurer.

My first job in California was working for a paper company.  In 1964, I joined the electronic industry where I worked for 18 years.  In 1982, I became a entrepreneur when I opened my own bookkeeping and payroll companies as well as a picture framing company in Sacramento. Those businesses kept me busy until 1997 when we decided to open our own preschool in Menlo Park, CA.  My wife, Joanne, had over 20 years of experience in our local school district, so she slipped right into the Directorship of the School.  Currently, I'm retired from all the businesses except the school.

We enjoy traveling - having made it to most of the 50 states, Canada and several countries in Europe.  We hope to be able to do more.

Sorry we can't make it to the reunion, but will be thinking of you all.  Reading all the bios brought back many memories of our high school years, but it also reminds me how God has Blessed each of us. To Him be the Glory!!
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Dale Snyder
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August 15, 1943 Ellisville MO US Retired Sales Manager Married 2 Ralph Lee Zurich, Switzerland Those late basketball practices.
After graduation I attended DeVry Technical Institute in Chicago.  When I completed my courses at DeVry I worked as an electronic technician for Southwestern Bell Telephone, Emerson Electric and McDonnell-Douglas.  

Dianna and I were married in 1967 after meeting on a blind date.  We lived in west and south county before moving to our present home in Ellisville in May of this year.  We have two children and two grandchildren.  De was a high school Spanish teacher for 39 years and retired last year.  In 2003 I retired after 32 years from 
Coin Acceptors, a vending machine company.

This year has been consumed with selling our home in south county and moving to Ellisville.  We have enjoyed staying in many B and Bs in our travels.  We have also taken trips to Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland, Wales and Spain.  However, our favorite trip was a river cruise on the Rhine from Zurich to Amsterdam.
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Lila Stedman (Timm)
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May 31, 1943 Washington MO US Retired Married 3 William Kirchoff, Richard Wallace Stockholm Singing in the LHSC choir at Christmas and square dancing with David Timm in sophomore gym class

After our high school graduation I worked for Hussmann Refrigeration in St. Louis, while attending Miss Hickey's Secretarial School.  In 1964 I married my grade school and high school classmate, David Timm.   David had completed his electronic education, was employed by McDonnel Douglas Corporation and they were offering him a job in New Mexico. 

We settled happily into an apartment in North County and never moved away from Missouri.  We stayed at St. Matthew until after our third child was born.  I believe educating our children has been the greatest accomplishment in our 47+ years of marriage. 

Our oldest, Lori, was born in 1966.  She's a teacher (now subbing) and has been married for 21 years to our "favorite son-in-law", and they have blessed us with our first 3 grandchildren, ages 15, 13 and 10.  Fortunately for us they live just an hour away.   Our two sons, Matt (software engineer) and Mike (freelance photographer) , are also married.  The oldest, Matt and his wife, Jill, have 4 children, 3 boys and a girl, ranging in age from 9 to 3.  David and I babysit one day a week and love it!  Grandpa even helped the contractor add a porch to their home last year. 

Our youngest son married a classmate (Karolina) from Sweden who he met  in college at Warrensberg, MO!    They were married on a lake in Sweden in 2001, moved to Stockholm in 2003 and now have two children, ages 4 and 2.  We have visited that country 5 times and are planning a 6th trip. 
I returned to my secretarial career when our youngest was in kindergarten.  I worked at Zion Lutheran Church Day Care Center and have been a Presbyterian church secretary for the past 25 years.  Today I work one day a week typing the weekly bulletin and still enjoy doing it.  

I love to exercise, read, cook, travel, sing in the choir, attend any of the grandkids events, and am also a devoted Cards fan.  I'm a Hospice volunteer and am part of various church boards at Immanuel Lutheran

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Peggy Steger (Kelpe)
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February 02, 1944 Augusta MO US retired Single 2 Mr. Grundman (our own Egyptologist) St. Thomas, Virgin Islands The Christmas programs every year were always phenomenol.

 After graduation I went to work at McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing), got married and had 2 children (a son and a daughter).  My son is an auto mechanic & has come to the rescue of nearly everyone in the family with emergency car repairs; my daughter is a registered nurse & works at the Veterans Hospital in St. Louis.  I went to night school at UMSL & received a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration.  At McDonnell Douglas , I was in the fiscal division.  I did a lot of traveling for the company to Washington D.C., Texas, and California and took part in negotiations for government procurements of military aircraft.  In the late 1970' I was divorced & remarried.  My new husband had 6 children by his first marriage so we have quite a large family.  We were married for 21 years.  So I now have 2 children of my own, 6 step-children, 6 grandchildren, 14 step-grandchildren, and 6 step-great-grandchildren.  All the kids live near St. Louis except one step-daughter who lives in Fort Worth, Texas.

In 1996, my husband was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).  I took early retirement at age 52 from McDonnell Douglas to be a full-time caretaker for him.  His health declined over a 4-year period, & he passed away in May of 2000.  Shortly thereafter, I rejoined the work-force, but at the prompting of my daughter, I completely reinvented myself & went back to school to become a registered nurse.  At age 56, I entered Barnes College of Nursing accelerated nursing program and graduated when I was 59.  I worked at Missouri Baptist Hospital & had every intention of working until age 70, but in January 2010, I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a blood plasma disorder that does not have a very favorable prognosis.  

Since diagnosis in 2010, I've had several rounds of radiation & chemotherapy treatments & lost all my hair a couple of times (I now have kinky, curly chemo fuzz, but at least it's hair!)  The chemo treatments did not produce the desired remission so it was strongly encouraged that I have a stem cell transplant at the earliest possible date which turned out to be over the Christmas holidays.  I was in the hospital for 3 weeks.  My doctors were & continue to be superb, & my family was wonderful & very supportive through this very trying time.  Fortunately, my daughter (the nurse) & 3 of my grandchildren were living with me at the time & were a tremendous help.  Due to the demands of treatment & potential negative side effects of the transplant, I finally decided to call it a day & retired from nursing shortly before my stem cell transplant.  This was probably a good decision because I still tire easily & have a lot of bone discomfort.  But it's nice to be alive  & the doctors say I'm officially in remission.  The flip side of that is that multiple myeloma always comes back - it's just a matter of when.

But then a couple of months ago, just when I thought I was at least part way out of the woods, I was diagnosed with a rare form of thyroid cancer.  This called for a total thyroidectomy and central neck dissection which was done in late June.  Since I was already a regular at Siteman Cancer Center for treatment of myeloma, I knew some of the best surgeons, so everything went off without a hitch (so far) except that I lost most of my voice for several weeks.  This was because the tumor had attached itself to my esophagus.  This slightly complicated things during surgery & they had to call in a thoracic surgeon in the middle of the procedure.  I had some minor damage to the vagus nerve near my larynx & for several weeks I could not speak any louder than a whisper.  But now I have my voice back (no singing voice though), all is well, and the doctor is cautiously optimistic about any reoccurrence.  I still have to keep in mind that the statistical data is not entirely favorable for this kind of cancer, but there aren't too many guarantees in life.

So now I am enjoying life with the attitude that every day is a gift especially when diagnosed with 2 illnesses that have often proved to be terminal. I've lived near Augusta (winery country) for the last 20 years.  Since my husband died, a couple of my children have lived with me off and on.  
When we first moved here, we had a house built on 15 acres on a beautiful wooded hillside overlooking my neighbor's 90 acre lake.  Even with all my medical challenges, every day feels like a vacation.  I find plenty to do with mowing grass, taking care of a big garden, several dogs & cats, & a hoard of hummingbirds in the summer.   I used to be heavily involved with showing dogs (afghan hounds & whippets) & still have a small hobby kennel.  I go to support group meetings for multiple myeloma, occasional family vacations to the Jersey shore, lunches with my Boeing buddies & close dog-people friends.  It's also fun (and breathtaking) to watch my grandkids ride their dirt bikes on the motorcycle trails in the woods by my house.  And if things get too dull, I can always go watch an endless stream of the grandkids' soccer, baseball, & basketball games.  After nearly 50 + years working full time & going to school, I don't feel a bit guilty about adhering to the philosophy I heard expressed so well in the movie "Eat, Pray, Love" -  "far niente dolce" which is italian for "the pleasure of doing nothing.

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Martha Streufert (Jander)
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September 07, 1943 Bastrop TX US Child of God; writer/editor/retired teacher Married 5 John Hoyer; Wm. Dieckhoff Slovak Republic Playing Margot in "The Diary of Anne Frank"
After high school, I attended and graduated from Concordia Teachers College, River Forest, Illinois (now Concordia University, Chicago). After my junior year, I spent an internship year teaching in Houston, Texas. It was there I met my husband, Lou, a graduate of Concordia, Austin, and later of Concordia, Seward. We were married June 11, 1966.

Our first calls were to Islip, New York, 50 miles out on Long Island. I taught kindergarten and music one year, and first grade the next. By May of 1968, we had a new baby, David, and in June headed to Delray Beach, Florida, where Lou served as principal of Trinity Lutheran School, and where we were blessed with two more children: Bethany, born in 1970, and Theodore (Ted) in 1972.

After almost six years in Florida, we lived in Houston for two years, where Melissa was born in 1974, and then in Beaumont, Texas, for another four. There we added one more daughter, Dinah (our final child), to our family in 1976.

We lived two years at Camp Lone Star in La Grange, Texas, and I helped to start a preschool at our home church and taught and held the position of director.

In 1982, Lou accepted a position with the LCMS Missouri District, so we moved to St. Louis (south county). I taught preschool at Christ Memorial until January, 1984, when I began working for the Board of Parish Services of the LCMS, first as editor of Teachers Interaction (a magazine for Sunday school teachers); and eventually editing other–mostly early childhood–material. In 1996, I received my MA in Early Childhood Education from Concordia University (Chicago).

In 1992, the editors became part of Concordia Publishing House, and I worked there until one year after a move back to Houston in 1998. Then I served as the director of an early childhood center at St. Timothy for two years, followed by four years of teaching first grade at St. Mark in Houston, where my career had begun so many years before.

Lou and I are both retired now and living in Bastrop, the “most historic small town in Texas,” about 30 miles from Austin.

I occasionally do early childhood center evaluations, consultations, and presentations, and presently teach the women’s Bible class at our church. I’ve authored a total of six Arch Books for CPH, one of which (The Visit of the Wise Men) was made into a hardback picture book; and coauthored/edited a women’s Bible studies called “Under His Wings.” I’ve done a lot of writing and editing for the Children’s Ministry Department of Synod as well as other writing and editing over the years.  Lou and I just finished training through Lutheran Hour Ministries to give MissionU presentations: helping people become better witnesses of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God has blessed our children (all LHSS grads) with wonderful spouses and with children of their own:

David, married to Coreen Meyer (LHSS): Seth, almost 11; Elizabeth, 7½; Luke, 3½. David composes contemporary Christian music and is director of worship at Redeemer Lutheran in Austin, Texas.

Bethany, married to Jon Schmidt (LHSS): Savannah, 9½. Bethany is a marathon runner (recently ran the Boston), and a coach for Team in Training. Savannah attends Christ Community in St. Louis. They are members of Faith, Oakville.

Ted, married to Connie Eckert (LHSN): Ellie, 8; Evan 5. Ted composes classical music and is choir director for Good Shepherd in St. Louis, but they are members of Immanuel, Olivette, where Ellie and Evan attend school. If you’ve attended the Renaissance Festival in Wentzville, you’ll have seen Ted as king of the realm. By the way, Connie’s mom’s cousins include Ruth Kieffer (Brian Dietrich) and Tom Brockmann (Marilyn Giesselmann).

Melissa, married to John Fetzer: Stryker, 2½; Stella, 6 months. Melissa is an LCMS teacher, writer, and currently a stay-at-home mom. They live in Houston.

Dinah, married to Christian Dobrowski (LHSN Houston): Amehra, 5½; Vesper, 2; Mazzy, 3 months. Dinah is a stay-at-home mom, artist, home-schooling parent. They live in Austin.

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Gerry Tesson
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March 21, 1943 Coppell TX US Retired Married 2 Baseball Coach Gerald Visser Kiev, Ukraine One of my most memorable and scariest moments was the first day of school as a Freshman....having my locker between two seniors...they looked soooooo

Here's the condensed version

College – Univ of Mo, Rolla 62' to 65'

USAF – 66' to 70'

Married 70'

Daughter born in 76”

Worked for Kellogg and Ralston Purina – 70' to 76'

Self employed – 77' to 82' Screen printing (T-shirts, Jacket, Hats, Athletic Uniforms)

Divorced 80'

Moved to Dallas 82'

Married 85'

Daughter born in 89'

Automobile business 82' to 03'

Grand Son born in 06'

Self Employed 04' to 10'

Retired 2010

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Beverly Thiemann (Gunderman)
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April 18, 1943 Topeka KS Retired Married 2 Mike Marty Budapest Hungary Climbing out of the window of a basement classroom in protest after finding out that Mr. Dieckhoff's contract had not been renewed after North-Central evaluations.
After spending one year, following LHSC graduation, as secretary to Dr. Paul Lange, I graduated from St. John, Winfield & Concordia Seward with a teaching degree.  I met my husband, Al Gunderman, at Seward.  We were married the summer after graduation.  We served in parishes in Ft. Lauderdale & Boca Raton Florida (where our 2 children were born), Conover NC, Friendswood TX and Topeka KS.  I've lived in Topeka since 1981

My various careers have always had an element of teaching, from teaching in Lutheran elementary schools to training baristas at a coffehouse to co-founding an educational theater company to creating summer day camps at an historic site in Topeka.  I took early retirement from Old Prairie Town at Ward-Meade Historic Site in Topeka in 2006.  My longest career was 14 years teaching Adult Basic Education & GED preparation for Topeka Public Schools.

My husband of 37 years, Al Gunderman, died of a heart attack early Christmas morning, 2003.  On March 12, 2007, I married Gary Sims, an old friend who was also widowed.

We love to travel -- especially car trips both long and short.  Many of our trips are to visit our children.

My daughter, Jen, is in Nashville where she is a professional musician and teaches in the school of music at Vanderbilt University.  Her husband is also a professional musician.  

My son, Dan, is in New York City and is a writer.  His wife is a Sottish lass who is a music therapist.

Gary's son, Blake, is in Houston, where he and his wife are both in administration in the health care field.  They have a daughter, Alison (4) and twins, Wesley & Sophia (2).

In retirement, Gary and I love participating in the many events available in Topeka, Lawrence, Kansas City and Manhattan (Gary is a K-State graduate).  This semester we are auditing a class, "Race & Ethnic Group Relations", at Washburn University in Topeka.

We especially like fine arts, music, theater and sports.  We also like taking day trips to small towns in Kansas. 
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David Timm
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September 01, 1943 Washington MO US Retired Married 3 Iris Guenther(for understanding the mental block I had against Calculus), Bill Kirchoff(who thought I could sing), & Wayne Vogelsmeier(who thought I could play football) Sweden, Hawai Singing in the choir, especially the Christmas Concert Senior year. Also, playing football Junior and Senior years, even though it was "B" Team. And of course, singing a duet with Barb Eifert in the Spring Concert.

Two weeks after graduation, I left for Chicago and attended DeVry Technical Institute for the next two years without a break.  I graduated in May of 1963 with an A.A.S. degree in Electronics.  I went to work at McDonnell Douglas and stayed there for 11 years until I was 30.  I worked on several interesting projects like Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and the F-111 fighter. 

During that time, Lila Stedman and I were married in 1964 and our three children were born.  Lori in 1966, Matt in 1969, and Mike in 1973.  After McDonnell, I changed jobs and went to work for Airtherm Mfg. as a design Engr. where I stayed until 1982.  After that, I moved to a subsidiary of Sachs Electric called Sachs Energy Management Systems (SEMS) as a service engineer.  Believe it or not, there I worked my way up to the lofty position of VP of service.  When the company closed at the end of 1993, I and the service department moved to Johnson Controls, Inc. where I worked as a Service Manager until I retired in 2004.  

Since retirement, I have started a small electrical company called DATCO Electric.  I still work with that today and enjoy doing small electrical jobs for folks. 

Throughout my career and our married life, our church has remained a large part of our lives.  We were married at St. Matthew where we were both raised and went to school.  When our kids were still pre-school, we transferred to a small church close to our home called Our Master.  When it closed, we transferred to Zion Ferguson until we moved to the country near Washington, MO.  Then we transferred to Immanuel where we currently attend.  I have been SS Superintendent, School Board Chairman, an Elder, and am now the Trustee Chairman on the board of directors.  I also sing in the choir, usher, and am on the building committee for our new sanctuary.  I enjoy attending men's bible class on Friday mornings with Charlene Clement's (Hoffman) husband Wayne, and some other friends. 

We enjoy our 9 grandchildren 7 of which are living close by.  The other two live in Sweden (our youngest son) which has given us the opportunity to travel quite a bit, which I don't think we would have done  otherwise.  I'll let Lila tell you all about what she has been doing.  She has been a great wife for almost 48 years now!  I know she has endured a great deal with me, and always with that wonderful smile. 

We are very thankful to be as healthy as we are at this point in our lives and are looking forward to seeing all of you who can make it to the reunion.  

God Bless!  

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Dave Toensing
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October 03, 1943 Yuma AZ teacher, organist, choir director Divorced 3 Richard Wallace New York; My dad was a teacher also and went to a conference every two years or so. So my Dad went to the conference and them my mom and my sister and I went to sight see. We saw Yankee Stadium, Empire State Building, Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty.. A student had a pass and climbed out the window...during a class of an older science teacher. I can remember him with a chair over his head, going to go out the door, made a lot of noise. The teacher said "I think I hear a mole" or something.
I remember going into the school store, a little room on the first floor with supplies. Guys had to buy a protector for their crotches in sports and were all embarrassed because they had to buy them from GIRLS.
I can remember practicing tennis in the park with our team and Bill Leistritz came along. He was such a good athlete that he grabbed a tennis racket and was better than anyone on the tennis team.

I remember working at Chuck-a-Burger for a few years in the evenings.
I went to Concordia in Seward and Brian Dietrich and I were good friends and Larry Brown and Bill Leistritz were Mizzou.  I played tennis.
I received a call to a school in St. Louis where Brian Dietrich was raised, where his parents went to church.  He then became a teacher there too.
I was there for 8 years and then accepted a call for another 8 years  to another school in MO.
Then to Los Angeles for three years.  Then 30 years in Yuma, AZ.  My wife's cousin was a pastor from Yuma, which was a coincidence.

I played the organ for my sister's wedding in 1965 and I ended up marrying her best friend.  We were married for 20 years and had three children.

Brett, my son, came first, and was a sports nut. They live in Oakland, CA, and are expecting their second child.  Has Master's degree in Physical Education.

My daughter, Noel, and her husband live in Denver.
They have 2 children.

My third child, my son, Mark, was a surprise....not planned, but wonderful.  He's taking classes in Phoenix, AZ.   He wants to be a policeman. 

I played the organ for 8 years in St. Louis at St. Jacobi's....then I declined a call to San Francisco.
And I went to the church of a friend which was in downtown San Francisco.   I was having trouble playing the organ and being afraid of falling off the back of the organ bench.   I just was so nervous about it, that I declined the offer.

I have been an organist and choir director in Yuma for 30 years and am now retiring.


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